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Biz Trip at Shanghai (3)

Jan 21

Waken up by noise upstairs...

This morning, we visited the old buildings and the new Armani shop nearby the river before going for market survey at one of the markets in the city.

a0032771_16502487.jpgThe old buildings were soooo great, and both of us like them very much. Most of these buildings are now used by the banks and large insurance companies. We tried taking pics inside, but was stopped by the guard in one of the banks (which is @__@. He might have thought that we were going to bomb the building ^O^. Anyway, we still managed to take 2 pics at the end.)

Sometime later, we were at the Xiangyang Market. We wandered around in the market, looking at stores offering fake handbags. My God! Sooooo many fakes in the market! Many of the stores had a small secret door, and when it's opened, there was a small storage room behind with stocks of the fake bags! Or sometimes, it was a dark, small staircase leading to the storage area upstairs! (looked like a secret passage for illegal prostitudes to escape from being arrested!!) The storekeepers had been trying hard to bargain and give us low prices for the bags. They even sent somone from the store to lead the way to their related warehouses at streets nearby the market, which was also amazing places which you could never imagine, but also dangerous. What an experience! XD

In the afternoon, i went shopping alone and spent almost 2 hours at the Uniqlo store before going back to the hotel to wait for a call from my friend. It was rainning at night. We went for dinner at a restaurant having chilly, spicy and oily Guizhou dishes. :P

This friend, a Chinese guy, was a good friend of my buddy. We have been talking a lot in MSN, but this was the first time we met. We talked a lot, and he asked lots of things. We've been trying to catch a taxi to the famous "Xintiandi"(新天地), a fashionable area full of bars and restaurants like the Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, for a drink after the dinner. We shared an umbrella, and i was holding it. Suddenly he held my hand on the umbrella, and said "it's cold, let me hold this"!! I was shock and freezed. XD We had been walking in the rain for sooooo long trying to catch a taxi. I noticed that he tried holding my arm, my waist all the time walking in the rain while saying "be careful" for soooo many times...

For the whole night, he was "staring" at me with his cup of starbucks coffee in his hands. It was unusual for friends to be like that, especially for friends meeting at the 1st time, and to tell the truth, i was feeling uncomfortable... X_X

I got back to the hotel at 1am. The freak was with his friends and had not come back yet...

P.S. It was said that subways in Shanghai are out of service after 22:30, which is another disaster...

Jan 22

Waken up by noise upstairs, AGAIN.

It's still rainning. Every time it rains, there's no taxi, as the guy told me last night...

The freak went out shopping, while i was watching the NHK programmes for 3 hours. I nearly fell asleep when watching the drama 義経 that i decided to finish the remaining cake and the drinking yogurt from Lawson. The drinking yogurt was yummy, but cuz of that, i had been in the toilet for 1 and a half day... XD

a0032771_1651933.jpgIt was 1pm. The front desk called to chase for checking out. The freak had not come back yet. I got no choice, but tried my best to move all the luggages downstairs. Of course the freak finally appeared after 30 mins, and we managed to catch a taxi and headed for the airport on time.

I don't hate business trips, in case it's a little bit relaxing like this time. :)

P.S. It's a pity that we couldn't try the magnetic "floating train" at the end cuz of the weather.
by angelali | 2005-01-22 23:47 | 縱橫四海

Biz Trip at Shanghai (2)

Waken up at mid-night cuz 2 foreigners at next door had been talking loudly the whole night till early morning, and the wall was thin...

In the morning, we were woken up by noise of the steps upstairs (some guests must have been running inside the guestroom!) XD

We had the meeting with the clients from 10:30am, and the place was inside a large, nice building nearby Lujiaju subway station. The whole morning, the guys (extra Chinese guys at the meeting) had been presenting a report in a stupid, clumsy way, plus translations in english and japanese. All figures in a mess and instead of raising questions to them, the clients preferred asking me for explanations... X_X (It's lucky that we had obtained the exact figures and had already explained to the clients before the meeting started). Throughout the meeting in the morning, which was not our part but we were forced to attend, i've been wondering how much the clients had paid those guys for the job, which was...... XD

After the buffet lunch, the meeting continued with discussions and arguments between those guys regarding the "figures" until 19:00pm. X_X This was the longest meeting i had ever had.

a0032771_16492929.jpgThis night, the dinner was held at a very nice chinese restaurant. The premise was said to be serving as the former Consulate of UK.

P.S. After that, I heard from the freak that, many people had been complaining/not happy with that restaurant cuz the food was common and the taste was just ok, while the price was extremely high...
by angelali | 2005-01-20 23:31 | 縱橫四海

Biz Trip at Shanghai (1)

The arrangement of this bisiness trip was sort of "in-a-hurry".
The freak (a french guy at my office) decided to go for this trip the night before at 7pm. Damn! He should have told me earlier his decision. And I spent 2 hours talking with our agent for flight and hotel arrangements...

a0032771_16475366.jpgWe took the flight in the afternoon. I've been praying the whole night that hotel rooms could not be arranged and the trip would have to be cancelled, but God did it in the opposite way, as usual...

We still went to the office in the morning, and we left for the airport at around 2pm. Thanks for the efficient transportation network in HK! We managed to catch the plane and headed for Shanghai.

This is my second time to Shanghai. Last time, it was 2 years ago, we went to attend a conference, with my beloved colleague (she passed away last September cuz of cancer). So the place reminds me greatly about her and the days during our first visit. Feeling a bit sad, but... c'est la vie, this is life...

The freak is sort of emotional, and everyone at office doesn't like him. I don't have any extreme attitudes towards him, cuz somehow i feel that i can understand him --- sometimes. We talked a lot about things happened at office, people, etc during the 2hrs 35mins flight. I found that for many of the things had happened, what he thinks are right, and i'm shock to find out that we are sharing the same thoughts on many things! Usually when he goes mad at something, he seldom explains and he says things directly that hurts people. That's why people don't like him.

Well, always thinks and sees things from different points of view, talking to people (no matter u like them or not) will help us understand things and broadens our mind.

Arriving at Shanghai, we headed for the magnetic "floating train" station. We walked a long long way to the station, and not until we reached the ticket counter, we saw the sign saying that the last train was at 17:30. @______@ The government spent a lot of money building this train, but it closed for service at 17:30pm everyday?!?!?! Ridiculous!

a0032771_16481928.jpgAnyway, we took the taxi to our hotel at the Bund. This night, we found "Ajisen Ra-men" shop nearby and we tried for dinner. The food was okay, but "Chinese" more than "Japanese". XD
by angelali | 2005-01-19 22:49 | 縱橫四海

Buddy's Wedding


她投訴我們反應冷淡,我知道做老死的應該替她高興,不過從她以往告訴我們的種種,從故事的開始到現在的尾聲,我們卻從來感覺不到這是甚麼愛情,只看到有人獨自陶醉在別人的關懷愛慕,卻從來像不曾付出過甚麼.我問她為什么"突然"有結婚的念頭,她說工作壓力大,覺得不滿意現在的生活節奏和方式,想要改變...另外她的同事最近忙著籌備婚禮,她看著看著,心有憧憬...更說自己脾氣大,只有這傢伙能忍受自己,要另覓對象,恐怕找不到像這樣的男人... @____@


第一次學懂了,結婚原來可以是企圖改變現有生活方式的手段.(my note: 沒腦袋!結婚後不是一樣要工作,一樣天天受氣天天有壓力,改變過甚麼?變的只是晚上多了人睡在旁邊吧.)



神婆與神婆老師同樣算過她操之過急定必弄巧反拙,尤其是今年...我們的擔心恐怕要升級到晚上睡不著的境界了...要告訴她不行,以免她以為我們妒忌,影響友情;要不告訴她,我們於心不忍看到她們將來或有甚麼變化...也許神婆看得通說得對,種甚麼因得甚麼果,所有關心她的朋友都已經盡朋友的責任,給她意見和忠告,她沒有聽進去並非朋友的錯,做朋友的都無謂執著生氣.她由始至終一意孤行,現在在這樣的想法下結婚,將來故事的結果怎樣也並非身邊人所能控制,唯有看他們自己造化. 祝福她. XD
by angelali | 2005-01-13 23:35 | 心情

Phantom of the Opera

a0032771_16251313.jpgWatched the movie of "Phantom of the Opera" with buddies.

Remember when Phantom's opera was shown in HK years ago, I was still a high school student, and I went to see it with my brother. Paying $450 per ticket and sitting on "hillside", which made me a bit disappointed about the seat arrangements, and the most angry thing was: I forgot my glasses!

The movie of Phantom followed closely the plot of the original play, and the original music was applied. I've been soooo "into the movie" that when i heard Christine singing "Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goodbye...", i really wanted to sing out!! And when audiences in the movie clapped after she finished singing, oh my god! I also wanted to jump up from my seat and clapped. (Would definitely look owe if i did so ^^;;)

It could be a bit difficult to fully understand the story from the opera cuz the opera was rather short to tell things in detail and special effects could be limited on the stage. Not disappointed at all paying for this movie, cuz it really worthed seeing only the costumes and enjoy the music and effects, not mentioning the story!

Scenes about Phantom's lair (the underground room, labyrinth and lakes, candles everywhere, the boat, etc) were beautiful and impressive, both in the opera on stage and in this movie!

Nice story, nice music, nice costumes, nice effects...
Highly recommended :D

P.S. Phantom here is handsome かっこいい. Well, I could have decided to stay with him rather than Raoul, if i were the heroine (笑)
by angelali | 2005-01-08 20:40 | 心情


Staying at home today.
It's been so cold outside, and i've been so tired that i prefer staying at home, thinking and doing nothing.

Got a message from my jp friend. She just said YES to her bf's proposal, and probably she'll get married soon. ^o^ We knew each other on internet 8 years ago. We used to go out sometimes when i was living in japan, and we're also meeting when i go to tokyo. Oh, i've to start preparing for her wedding present! :D

* * * * * * *

Professor Y has been in HK during x'mas. He's a jp guy, and we knew each other when i was in the university. We couldn't manage to meet each other this x'mas cuz both of us had been busy. The day before, he called (cuz he was leaving the next morning). On the phone, he said he would come again in Spring, and then he suddenly said ごはん作ってくれないか?大事にするから... something like that. @_@? I dunno if he only wants someone to cook for him, or what... (normally, you won't say this to friends, huh? I don't think he says this to his other friends as well) I'm so confused... I've never considered this guy b4, so i just treated him as a friend only. Perhaps he likes me, I dunno. とにかく日本人男性の心がわからない@_@。こう言われても、話の裏の意味とその会話のニュアンスが全くno ideaなので、日本人のBuddy(特に男性の方)、これの解釈、助けてもらえますでしょうか?
by angelali | 2005-01-01 17:27 | 心情