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Lego x cinema

今個Easter的頭炮節目,就是和buddy看了這場ifva電影-Lego x cinema.原定跟家中一條懶蟲去看的,誰知懶蟲忽然打war game去也.


Lego x cinema,換言之,就是Lego人型公仔做戲,Lego人電影.聽上去可能很多人覺得很無聊,看過之後你會驚歎製作人的創意,拍攝和動畫製作的恒心,以及幾乎可媲美荷裏活電影的鏡頭運用、燈光、剪接和配樂等.

個多小時由世界各地得獎短篇組合而成的"電影",包括《樂高版Matrix》《星戰別傳》《Spiderman 2》《亞里爸爸之燈神真面具》等等,間中或許有比較深奧,令人看的一頭冒水的短片,整體上十分精彩搞笑.就這樣,我們坐著用笑聲做了午飯.

飯後到花園街"掃街",很久沒有這樣掃過街了,發覺體力大不如前(開始老?),也許是我看到人山人海的情景,已感到身心疲累.Buddy介紹我吃街頭一家豆花店的豬肉燒賣和老頭子豆沙餅點的豆沙餅.Yummy! :)
by angelali | 2005-03-25 20:59 | 心情

Exercise @ HK Flower Show

Have been working like a dog these days...

Although I was exhausted like a dead fish, I still took some nice pics at the flower exhibition this day. :)






I like tulips soooo much and have taken so much photos with them. ^o^ Watching beautiful flowers made me feel 幸せ and forget all tiredness. :)

After the photo-taking exercise, we went to have lunch at "mix inn", which was another tasty 幸せ. This restaurant made noodles with meat and fish. The dishes taste really good!! (Angela: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ^o^)
by angelali | 2005-03-20 23:55 | SnapShots

Annual Dinner

Mar 4

This is the day of the company's annual dinner together with our PRC colleagues at Guangzhou.

We used to go to GZ by train, but this time, we chose going by bus. It was another interesting experience. :) On the way, I received a call from "Fruit" shop, informing the delivery of my dream ipod mini, which was the birthday present for myself this year. :P (so happy ^^)

After arriving at our PRC office, guys walking around, girls chatting, technician fixing the computer... Girls from hk group haven't met girls from gz group for sooooo long, and we were getting excited about the gathering.

This night, we had the dinner at a nice restaurant nearby the office. While waiting for other people (including boss) at the room, some colleagues started singing the karaoke. ^o^ Of course, after dinner, as usual, it was always karaoke as well, outside restaurant. ^^;; But it was fun. We sang and played until 3 am.

I started become soooo sleepy, and decided to go back to the hotel, but was forced by the crowd to have some food at nearby food courts. Cuz of tiredness and such "early meal", i suffered from stomachache.

Finally we managed to get back to the hotel and went to bed at 4:20 am. My god! So early... and the thing was...

Mar 5

Got up at 7:30am...
I was in bad mood cuz so zzzzzzz. Since some of the colleagues would leave for hk by early train, and if i didn't go with them, i'll end up spending the whole morning doing nothing except waiting until leaving with other guys in late afternoon.

We went to have some dim sum at the chinese restaurant downstairs, although not much choices of food and they did not taste good.

Everyone was like BLANK and dreaming on the way. We thought we could have some sleep on the train, but a group of hk women had been making so much noise on the train... X_X (Can't u guys keep your mouth shut?! I wondered.)

It's lucky that i managed to sleep for 3 hours in my lovely bed after having a bowl of nice noodles near home. :D

P.S. We invited our ex-colleague (a girl) to come to the annual dinner cuz we all like her but she quit sometime ago. After the dinner, the french freak at our office asked me how come she was invited. As i said, she was invited by the boss, and it's ok cuz we are friends and we all like her. But the freak replied by saying she's not good and bla bla bla... I was a bit offended cuz if he thought of someone that's not good and he didn't like, it's always the problem of himself. None of us disliked the girl except him, and all the people can tell who's actually not good in the group. Really wanted to say "mind your own business"! >:(
by angelali | 2005-03-05 17:30 | 心情

Take Care, my friend


3年前離開日本前的一個晚上,他竟敢說"你穿上裙子時很性感",侍著廣東話說得不好來行凶嗎?我裝作沒聽見.然後我們進入一家餐廳,他說他請客.點過菜,他說他沒那麼多現金.(我才不理那麼多)還好餐後結賬不成問題,可是出了餐廳,他卻到處找ATM.非常老土... XD

3年沒見,他還是那樣老土吧.還沒有轉到街角前,我極力在記憶裡尋找他的樣子,找不著,轉出街角,看到了他,才認出來.還是老樣子... 人家可能會寫甚麼增添了幾分成熟男人的味道呀,魅力呀,甚麼的,可是我感覺不到,恕我寫不出來. :P


我勸他開始做做運動,他說怕麻煩,好像連走一點路去買吃的也覺得麻煩似的,沒救!然後他說道早些時候在東京買了房子,由於窗外對著架空火車路,他把那唯一的大窗子封掉了,(按:從此有如住在密室??可以想象到室內瀰漫著令人惡心的侷促氣味X_X).他邀我下次到東京時住在他的家,順便替他煮飯做菜.(按:不是吧?! @_@)他說他想養貓,連自己都照顧不來還要養動物?!他還有點自知之明,所以沒亂來,可是有時夜深寂寞難耐,難免自己扮貓叫來自我慰籍.我覺得他一定是被工作壓力和寂寞感壓迫得透不過氣,可是還在不斷勉強自己.我不禁覺得他精神可能開始有問題,有時候近乎變態,好可憐.除了勸他之外(雖然他不受勸),不知道怎樣幫得了他,除非他提早退休. ^^;;

by angelali | 2005-03-03 23:49 | 心情